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Delicious Bread Halwa Recipe in Tamil | Muslim style Simple & Easy Bread Halwa | Bread Sweet Recipe


Muslim style sweet recipe Bread Halwa in Tamil. Simple and delicious bread halwa recipe video making step by step. Bhai Wedding Function halwa Recipe. This is a very easy sweet recipe done within 10 mins. This halwa is famous for all Muslims wedding functions. In Tamil, we called ‘Kalyana Halwa’ recipe in Tamil. In Telugu called Hyderabadi Double Ka Meetha recipe. muslim style bread halwa recipe in Tamil. bread halwa wedding style.

கல்யாண அல்வா | பிரட் அல்வா | சூப்பரான பிரட் அல்வா செய்வது எப்படி? | முஸ்லீம் கல்யாண வீட்டு ஸ்பெஷல் பிரட் ஹல்வா
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Bread Halwa Recipe Ingredients:
Bread – 8 slices
Sugar – 1/2 cup or to taste
Milk – 1 cups
Ghee – 2 tblspn
Almond a handful
Cashews a handful
Raisans / Kishmish a handful
Oil – As required

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